Water Nutrition & Management

Irrigation & Mixing Units

Our hydroponic irrigation and fertilizer mixer units work harmoniously with sensors and safety systems to adjust irrigation based on climate conditions.

They seamlessly integrate with a central computer for precise control, optimizing plant irrigation and fertilization.

With reliable alarms and efficient water recycling, our units enhance performance and sustainability in your hydroponic operations.

Drain Trays

Our hydroponic drain systems ensure steady drainage, optimizing crop growth by providing the right amount of fertilizers while conserving water. Our drain trays enhance efficiency and resource management, supporting your hydroponic cultivation goals.

Drainage Control

A comprehensive Drain Management System can help optimize water management in your hydroponic setup. It collects, treats, and reuses excess fertilizers, while continuous pH and conductivity sensors support optimal crop development. Our sustainable solutions prioritize effective recycling, empowering you to cultivate efficiently with minimal water usage.

Water Treatment

Water treatment systems are of paramount importance in hydroponics, ensuring the highest quality water and appropriate pH for exceptional crop development and flawless equipment operation.


Filters play a crucial role in hydroponics, safeguarding equipment from damage and ensuring uninterrupted and optimal operation. Disc filters and sieves are commonly used, based on system requirements and water quality.

Well Water

To prepare well water for hydroponic use, treatment involves removing sand and soil particles with hydrocyclone and sand filters. If the water has high salinity or undesirable elements, a reverse osmosis system is necessary. This process purifies the water by removing large molecules and ions through a selective membrane.

Drain Water

UV filters effectively sterilize drain water by using high-speed flow and UV radiation. This process renders harmful fungi, bacteria, and viruses harmless, enabling the safe reuse of water for crop irrigation.

Water Recirculation

By collecting, sterilizing, and storing water, grenhouses can reuse it for irrigation, offering remarkable benefits.
Environmental Protection:
Water recycling conserves natural resources and promotes environmental sustainability.

Cost Savings: With our specialized gutters, pipes, and UV sterilization, we ensure clean water for reuse, maximizing both ecological and economic advantages in your hydroponic operations.

Water Storage

Finding a safe and efficient solution for storing large amounts of water is a crucial consideration in greenhouse planning and implementation. Managing water quality and optimizing space are key factors that require careful attention.

Designed for durability and easy installation

Our wide range of high-quality storage tanks, with capacities from 5,000 to 1,500,000 liters, are built with solid galvanized corrugated plates and a waterproof membrane.
The tanks we use feature robust steel sheets and a watertight lining specifically developed for horticultural water storage. With covers engineered to withstand extreme climate conditions, we ensure exceptional performance in heat, cold, and high UV exposure.

Water tank cover

Tank covers provide effective protection and management of your water storage system. There are three main types:

Rainwater Collectors

Rainwater collectors provide cost-effective irrigation solutions in areas with limited water availability. The high-quality rainwater, free from salt and with low electrical conductivity, is ideal for greenhouse crop irrigation. Our engineers calculate the reservoir size and capacity, and Greentech offers professional installation with proper sealing and landscaping.

Pre-heating Drain Water Tanks

Preheating drain water tanks are a valuable solution for maintaining plant well-being and achieving optimal irrigation results.

Heat Storage Tanks

Heat storage tanks are a valuable asset for efficient and dependable greenhouse heating, enhancing energy utilization and reducing costs.

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