Building for the future

Our vision for sustainable growth

Greentech is part of a seismic shift in horticulture worldwide.

Greentech wants to empower the growing of delicious, healthful and safe produce, integrating efficient and innovative solutions, which use the fewest possible natural resources and leave the smallest environmental footprint. We aim to bring sustainable horticulture to the forefront of the race to feed the next billion-human generation.

Our practices

We build businesses and support investments in cutting-edge greenhouses. Our focus is to use ultra-efficient technologies in sustainable energy production, waste management, nutrient solution recycling, desalination, and other environmental best practices.

Our projects and services were awarded 4 times at the 2023 Green Brand Awards.

PLATINUM Award for Green Business & Industry Processes

Greentech achieved the highest scores in the category of Development/ Operations & Technology, for the best Green Business and Industry processes that we use.

GOLD Award for Green Business & Industry Processes

Greentech is awarded with a GOLD Award for the industry process and state-of-the-art technology we incorporate, the sustainable use of natural resources and the know-how in the design, construction and operation of high-tech greenhouses.

GOLD Award for Best Green Technology Concept

At Greentech we are working to create a Green Technology Concept that will create a more sustainable food production system designed for the long-term well-being of people and the planet.

BRONZE Award for Best Green Project

We won the Bronze Award of Best Green Project for our work on Wonderplant III. The facility is a high-tech greenhouse, designed to grow combining green & innovative technologies with natural resources, achieving up to 90% less water use, while producing up to 30 times higher yields.

Diversity, gender equality and inclusion

Equality, besides being a fundamental human right, is essential to achieve peaceful teams, reach our potential and grow sustainably. Greentech is an equal opportunity employer. As such, we work hard to ensure no biases are at play during our hiring processes, and ensure a comfortable and safe environment for staff, whether this pertains to executives in our main offices or the workers in our greenhouses.

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