Medicinal Cannabis

Ιnvesting in Medicinal Cannabis

Pharmaceutical-grade cannabis demands expertise in legislation and permitting, infrastructure & cultivation techniques.

Any greenhouse construction project is a complex process. It requires detailed and precise planning, coordination, and design.
At the same time, the operational requirements and licensing process for facilities producing medicinal cannabis are extremely strict and constantly evolving.
Cultivating medical cannabis may require similar infrastructure and cultivation techniques as traditional crops, but it also requires specialized knowledge to effectively manage the project.

Greentech can help your investment in medicinal cannabis grow and thrive, with our specialized knowledge and successful project management credentials.

Μanaging projects for Medicinal Cannabis

As the largest and most reliable engineering and construction company in Greece’s horticultural sector, Greentech is equipped to effectively manage medicinal cannabis projects at every stage. In projects we design, build, and operate, we bring:

Construction Permit Process

The first step in building a medicinal cannabis greenhouse

The first phase of licensing requires the design and presentation of technical and environmental requirements for the production and processing facility.
Greentech’s credibility with licensing authorities and financial institutions, combined with strict adherence to international standards, guarantees that each medicinal cannabis facility is certified and operates at the highest level of quality.

This part of the licensing process is completed by submitting the permit application with all above-mentioned information and granted the Construction Permit.

Project Implementation & Delivery

Constructing a cannabis greenhouse, the Greentech way.

In the field of medicinal cannabis, effective project management is paramount. From securing Construction Permit approvals to obtaining Operation Permits, every aspect must be carefully orchestrated. Similarly, design and compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GaCP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) standards are crucial for optimal production.

Attention to detail & expertise lead to operational excellence

With meticulous planning and construction management, Greentech ensures that projects stay on schedule and meet high-quality standards.

Operation Permit Process

Reaching the marketplace for medicinal cannabis

The second phase of licensing comes after the construction of the greenhouse and the processing facility is complete. It involves a rigorous process of permit submittals, in a timely fashion.

Final approvals for pharmaceutical products are conducted independently by the National Organization for Medicines. They conduct their independent audit of the facilities to verify the veracity of all permit applications. Greentech, with rich experience in building medicinal cannabis businesses in Greece, has the potential to help the process move smoothly through the bureaucracy.

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