Energy Management

Renewable Energy Sources

Sustainable Greenhouse Heating with Biomass

Modern greenhouses prioritize renewable energy sources to achieve energy savings and reduce operational costs. Biomass, encompassing plant or animal products and by-products, holds great promise as an energy-recoverable resource for heating. While biomass heating offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional materials, proximity to biomass production areas is essential to ensure a continuous and economical supply.

Sustainable Growth with Geothermal Energy

Greece’s wealth of low-enthalpy geothermal fields provides a compelling reason to advance greenhouse technologies. Greenhouse operations can significantly reduce their dependence on fossil fuels by tapping into geothermal energy. Hot water from geothermal sources becomes a critical component in the heating system, necessitating careful consideration due to its corrosiveness. Special provisions ensure safe and effective operation, making geothermal energy an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for the greenhouse sector.

Energy Optimization Software

Achieving Ideal Climate Conditions is the Key to Optimal Crop Production

Creating the perfect environment for optimal crop growth and production demands seamless coordination among multiple systems. Each system, controlled by the central computer, plays a vital role in regulating temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and CO2 concentration. The key challenge lies in discovering the most cost-effective and energy-efficient combination to achieve specific objectives.

Optimize Energy Usage with Energy Saving Software

Our cutting-edge energy saving software analyzes data from all climate control systems, considering their energy costs and coordinates with the central control computer. By reducing energy consumption and operating costs, our software ensures sustainable greenhouse operations. It seamlessly integrates with all modern greenhouse systems, providing producers with a reliable and complete solution.

Backup Generators

Safeguard your investment with a Backup Generator

Power failures pose significant risks to greenhouses, affecting plant growth through overheating or excessive cooling. To avoid potential damage and ensure uninterrupted system functioning, a backup generator automatically kicks in during electricity cut-offs, safeguarding your greenhouse unit and your investment.

Energy Screens

Energy screens provide shading and energy saving, boosting crop protection, saving energy, and reducing environmental impact. These screens reflect excess light on warm days, maintaining a cool environment, while at night, they retain heat, stabilizing temperatures and optimizing energy consumption.

Enhancing Greenhouse Stability and Efficiency

Enhanced greenhouse screens provide precise climate control, ensuring stable conditions and optimal production. They offer shade on sunny days, retain heat in winter, and save 40 to 60% of energy, unlike alternatives like ceiling insulating paint that may hinder plant growth and cause premature aging of the covering material.

Advanced Greenhouse Screen Systems

The latest advancements in greenhouse screen systems feature special foils designed to offer a high diffusion of light. This diffusion brings light to the plants from multiple angles, promoting growth while preventing overheating in the upper air layers.
The dual-screen system is a notable advancement that uses separate screens for shading and energy-saving. Each screen has its own mechanism, enabling precise shading control and maximizing energy efficiency to ensure optimal conditions within the greenhouse.

Water Recirculation in Hydroponics

In hydroponics, water and fertilizer recycling unleash a remarkable impact, fostering an environmentally friendly and supremely efficient system.

How it works:

Water is collected through specialized gutters and pipes, passes through a UV filter for sterilization, and is stored in a drain tank. This clean water is then re-enriched with fertilizers and reused for irrigation. The entire recycling process is controlled by a computer in the irrigation-fertilization mixer unit.


Efficient Irrigation with Rainwater Collector

Rainwater collectors provide a cost-effective solution for regions with limited access to irrigation water. With excellent quality for greenhouse crops, rainwater is non-salted and has low electrical conductivity (EC). Engineers calculate reservoir size and capacity, and Greentech handles the full installation, ensuring optimal efficiency.

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