Security Solutions

Alarm Management System

Ensure uninterrupted greenhouse operations with an Alarm Management System integrated in the central climate computer. It monitors sensor data and equipment, promptly alerting you of any issues for immediate action, and logging all alarms for reference.

You can also integrate an alarm forwarding system, to stay informed 24/7. Customize notifications via texts, calls, emails, or external systems, even during non-monitored hours.

Audio Installation

Improve management efficiency in large-scale greenhouses with an audio installation system. Control and direct personnel from one central point and facilitate emergency communication.

Siren Systems

Swiftly handle issues with a siren system that activates for power supply, water levels, and key locations. In coordination with the Alarm Management System, you can receive immediate notifications for enhanced greenhouse security.

Surveillance Systems

GreenTech offers advanced greenhouse surveillance systems for security, personnel monitoring, and management.

The surveillance systems store and record video and control signals centrally, allowing remote monitoring and ensuring facility and equipment safety.

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