Labor & Productivity

Labor Management Systems

Labor costs significantly can impact greenhouse businesses. With labor management systems, productivity can be enhanced with wireless devices that track real-time productivity, work type, and location. This data provides insight for better control and organization.

Information Analysis Software

Every successful greenhouse facility relies on the precise recording of production and harvest data. In the past, data recording was a manual task, relying on the local team’s experience. However, to thrive in today’s competitive landscape, a more comprehensive approach is needed.

Data Collection and Analysis for Optimal Decision Making

The Information Analysis Software provides a complete picture of crop development, tracking quality and quantity across all greenhouse units, crop types, and employees. This empowers timely, informed decisions that maximize benefits and capitalize on opportunities.

Harvest Processing

Greentech provides custom harvest processing systems for greenhouses, transforming workplaces into modern, fully equipped packing halls that meet safety regulations and ensure top-quality output.

Sorting-Classifying Packaging Lines

We offer various models of product sorting equipment, tailored to specific requirements and production volumes, ensuring the best profitable results for your business.

Packaging Machines

Greentech offers a range of packaging machines, tailored to your production volume and specific greenhouse requirements. Choose from manual options to fully automated robotic units for seamless packaging solutions.

Greenhouse Logistics

Streamline internal transfers and boost worker productivity

Our automated solutions are tailored to the specific crop, production volume, and greenhouse size for optimal efficiency.

Pipe Rail Trolleys

Pipe rail trolleys are designed to move through greenhouse corridors and heating system pipe rails, facilitating various crop management and harvesting tasks.

Harvesting Trolleys

We provide carts for organizing production, trolleys for moving boxes, and seated trolleys for easier harvesting of tomatoes, peppers, and flowers.

Scissor Lift Trolleys

Essential for modern greenhouses, automatic lifting trolleys enable safe and effective access to higher crop areas for harvesting and management activities, along with maintenance and repairs.

Spraying Trolleys

Heating system pipe rails enable the movement of spraying machines and their access to every part of the crop. We ensure a total simultaneous spraying of crops, as well as safeguard personnel from exposure to harmful substances.

Electric Trolleys

Electric trolleys efficiently transport harvesting carts within large-scale greenhouses, offering flexibility, silent operation, and speed.

Automated Indoor Transportation

Greentech specializes in designing and implementing fully automated transportation lines using floor rail systems and unmanned carts to move products and materials within greenhouses.

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