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We are Greentech.

A leading player at the intersection of consulting, tech, and horticulture in Southeast Europe.

Since 1990, Greentech has evolved from a horti E/M firm to a powerhouse that plans, designs, optimises, implements and supports greenhouse operations across the globe. We specialise in engineering, procurement and construction of high-tech greenhouse facilities and CEA projects with the need for maximum efficiency, widespread and innovative automations, complete monitoring systems, sustainable energy, and waste management solutions.
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Our mission

We strive to create profitable horticulture businesses, with cutting-edge technology and our deep experience in the greenhouse field.

Our vision

Greentech wants to empower the growing of delicious and safe produce, while using the fewest natural resources possible.

Our values

At the core of everything we do, we hold our values. They allow us to deliver impeccable projects of high complexity. We are here for investors who need to maximize efficiency and return. We believe deeply in the power of technology to shape the horticultural industry and feed the world. And we know that everything we build, upgrade and support, begins and ends in the natural world.

We believe that through innovation and technology we can provide better solutions for humans and the Earth. Even traditional methods of growing can be improved by thoughtful, well designed technological applications.

We have been in the horticulture industry for a long time. Our experience is what allows us to take calculated risks, what feeds our problem-solving innovations and what drives us to do even more, even better.

Certainty is impossible. Trust is the factor that connects us to our partners, to our investors and to the society at large. We inspire trust with our track record and actions, and we foster it in our relationships with investors, suppliers and collaborators.

We believe in sharing knowledge for the improvement of humanity, businesses, the public and our teams. Open and frank communication of ideas, experience and knowledge is vital for us to achieve our long-term goals.

We focus on the small to achieve the huge. We know that, when every detail of a project receives attention, we can ensure positive impact and efficient operation. It’s in our nature to triple-check, dot the i’s and make sure every piece of the puzzle is where it needs to be.

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Safety and
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Safety and Quality

Delicious and nutritious food starts with responsible, sustainable, and modern growing practices. At Greentech, we adopt Oil & Gas levels of attention to detail, in order to deliver greenhouse units that produce competitive yields, with certified quality and according to internationally accepted standards.

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