Through cutting-edge greenhouse technology and reliable services, we build & operate growing projects anywhere on the globe.

We bring expertise to investments that thrive from day 1.

Founded in 1990, Greentech is a trusted advisor for the global horticulture industry. We have the market knowledge, industry insight, and extensive technical experience in the field to support investors across every stage of a project.

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Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to creating a comprehensive plan that will maximize your company’s profits by boosting productivity, increasing yields, and helping you reach your goals faster. Together, we can create goals that make sense for the investment and ensure all projects are completed within budget and timeline constraints.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to provide integrated solutions for the design, construction, equipment, organization, maintenance, and management of your investment.

Preparing your business & investment plan

The first step towards a fruitful investment

A comprehensive business and investment plan is essential to launching a new venture, securing funding, and the necessary first step towards profitability. This tool provides investors with details about the project’s design, construction, and finances. It may also include research on market conditions and competitors, as well as a thorough risk assessment.

A reliable and experienced partner can be an invaluable asset as you prepare your greenhouse business. A trusted advisor to industry leaders, Greentech can help you plan the best way to build and maintain your greenhouse, and offer direction on maximizing your return on investment throughout the design, construction, and post-completion stages.

Choosing your greenhouse & equipment

The power that grows your investment

The systems and equipment chosen to be integrated into a greenhouse project play a key role in the initial cost and long-term performance, operation, and financial viability of the project.
Greentech consults on the best choices to make, based on the exact project needs and limitations. We have vast experience in commissioning specialized equipment and working with vendors to ensure proper installation, operation and maintenance of cutting-edge technological solutions for each greenhouse project we take on.

Creating a maintenance program

Maintaining your investment requires a plan

Optimal installation and operation of a greenhouse project is important. Maintaining the project at high levels of production and output with a plan is absolutely critical. At Greentech, we have years of experience in creating and supporting greenhouse businesses by planning the maintenance regimen that ensures financial and product growth, longterm.

Planning your retrofit or expansion

Expanding or retrofitting a greenhouse facility allows a business to scale and increase its profit margin.

Expanding a working greenhouse business is the next step in increasing crop yields and profits. It is also a delicate process that needs to have minimal impact on current production, while substantially improving the infrastructure and capacity. Greentech has successfully completed numerous improvement works, expansions and upgrades to infrastructure at operational greenhouses around the world.

The construction of a modern greenhouse is a large-scale and technically complex project.

Each venture presents different needs, restrictions and goals, and requires a high degree of customization in design and engineering. At Greentech, we choose to develop everything in-house, from preliminary to final models, ensuring a well thought-out design of all equipment and systems.

Tailor-made designs and state-of-the-art methods and tools

Innovative design solutions for a successful greenhouse project

With our full range of services, Greentech is with you from start to finish, including all stages of the design process.

Civil Works



Mechanical Systems & Units

Control &
Comms Systems


Designing for the future

With 30+ years of experience and a dedicated team of 40 specialists, Greentech has the expertise and skills to undertake multidimensional projects around the world.

We ensure industrial levels of efficiency, functionality, and technical integrity.

Applied design with principles

We combine all our experience from pioneering engineering projects to design optimally-performing greenhouses.

Greentech delivers a complete set of all technical drawings and documentation necessary for each project.
From our initial drafts and revisions, in collaboration with clients, to for-construction plans, and the final as-built drawings in CAD, we thoroughly document each step of the greenhouse design process. These drawings include all Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, P&ID & 3D layouts, as well as special technical drawings.

Our meticulous process allows all stakeholders, from clients and investors to suppliers and project specialists to remain aligned, focused and informed of the end goals.

Every piece in its place

Our experts in mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering employ their experience in high-tech greenhouses, for each one we build.

Constructing greenhouses with thoughtful automation, AI/ML growing assistance and sustainable power and waste management is our everyday.

Project Management






Project management

Frictionless construction & installation

Project Management is an integral part of Greentech’s offering

To ensure that plans become reality, we take an active role in our projects. We believe that stellar communication between stakeholders is key to successful investment projects.

Greentech offers complete project management at every step

A dedicated Project Manager handles everything, from organizing site meetings to handling contractors, maximizing operational efficiency, streamlining communications, and making the process as easy as possible for our clients.

Our projects are also under the experienced eyes of a Supervisor Engineer, on site to ensure that everything from construction to installation and testing, all adhere to the highest of standards.


Greentech makes permitting easy & hassle-free

Projects have hidden facets that have the potential to cause delays and derail a project. Permits are one of those facets. Greentech handles the bureaucracy of permitting for you by procuring all necessary documentation for permits and approvals, according to specific local laws, regulations and standards.


Total oversight for exceptional quality

We build the projects we design.

The construction of greenhouse projects is a crucial part of the implementation and the quality of the work delivered.

With our own specialized crews, we guarantee flawless installation and execution, and the timely delivery of the finished project. We apply strict standards so that employees work under safe and responsible conditions.


Setting the greenhouse up for quick success

Choosing the optimal equipment that can maximize yield and profits is important. How it is installed on site, according to rigorous standards, can make an operation profitable, safe and efficient, faster.

Greentech works with suppliers to ensure that all our projects are set up for success from day 0. Installation is focused on functionality, robustness and quality. This is how we guarantee that each system has its best performance and a long life cycle.

Following installation, whether it is included in a new project or added to an existing greenhouse, operators need to acquire the right know-how to run their greenhouse efficiently, safely and profitably, while minimizing risk.


Greentech exceeds industry standards with a strict commissioning process for all installed equipment.

To ensure the efficiency and safety of our projects, we apply extensive and rigorous performance testing.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) certifies that the system is properly manufactured and will function as expected, before it is shipped.

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) verifies that the control and safety systems are fully operational before using them in the greenhouse.

We work with innovators, trusted suppliers and global leaders in the sector to commission the equipment that optimizes efficiency in each project we execute.


The manual to operate your facility as effectively as possible

Most greenhouse businesses suffer losses for their first 2 years, and take about 6 years to mature and become profitable. This isn’t because of market conditions or the inherent nature of the industry. Rather, it’s an issue of knowledge.

Greentech, with decades of experience in designing, building and operating successful greenhouses, creates custom tailored processes for our clients. Greentech offers extra services from the first day of operation to distribution networking, specialized agronomy consulting and everything a new greenhouse needs to become profitable fast, our playbook is foolproof.

Challenging beginnings require expert support

Getting positive ROI quickly is the goal

New growers and investors face challenges, which they need to overcome as quickly as possible in order to become profitable and begin to see returns on their investment.

We operate greenhouses by implementing:

Operation technology

The latest in horticulture tech can make or break a greenhouse

Greentech’s technological solutions integrate a variety of innovations. From AI to robotics, we bring solutions to growers that prioritize profitability and yield optimization. We have a robust network of CEA Specialists to ensure phenomenal operating KPIs in new greenhouses.

Robotics in the greenhouse is the very latest, especially when used in conjunction with AI, in greenhouse tech. It can impact growing positively in a number of ways:

Investments in horticulture are all about the future.

They cannot be optimally fruitful without care, maintenance, and proper management.

We focus a great deal of our efforts on the design and construction of successful and high-quality greenhouses. This is exactly why we view post-completion support as an essential component for maintaining strong yields, sustainable profits, and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

After the delivery of any Greentech project, we can provide, in cooperation with greenhouse management team, comprehensive support Including:


Focusing on longevity of investments

At Greentech, we pay special attention to the quality of all installed equipment so that it meets the highest standards. However, once a greenhouse is operational, the focus must shift to the correct management and maintenance of all its equipment and cutting-edge technology systems, ensuring their optimal operation and increasing their durability against wear.

This is why we create a custom monthly schedule and, to make sure that it is implemented with care, we also offer personnel training. In the case of equipment malfunction or a timely replacement of parts, our skilled technicians can offer assistance. Repairs and procurement of replacement parts can be secured through Greentech at competitive prices and our expert consultation.

Technical Training

Technological solutions require specialized training

The operation of high-technology climate control as well as energy, water, and waste management systems, requires extensive knowledge of a number of different technical systems.

At Greentech, our goal is always to make a project self-supporting as soon as possible. That means we can train your local team to use the equipment that powers your greenhouse to the fullest. In addition, we provide you with specific manuals for handling the equipment and systems installed, upon project delivery.

Growing Support

During early stages of a greenhouse operation, the crop is more vulnerable to disease and other failures. Greentech involves in maximizing crop growth and productivity by providing practical guidance and support. We educate the local agronomist team on cultivation techniques and provide standard operating procedures for crop care and personnel safety. With a written agreement for support, we create a weekly schedule to ensure operations are executed efficiently and on time.

Monitoring & Remote Operations

We support producers by providing expert knowledge and the necessary equipment to obtain remotely a detailed understanding of the crop’s state, climate conditions inside and outside the greenhouse, and personnel activity. This allows producers to define the appropriate procedures for managing their business effectively.

Remote Support

In addition to scheduled visits for on-site technical support, crop care, and maintenance, we also offer technical assistance by phone and email. Our technicians are available during working hours to help resolve any issues with the operation of installed systems and software use. This service is complimentary, with the condition of a written agreement for technical support.

From business plan
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