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Founded in 1990, Greentech is a trusted advisor for the global horticulture industry. We have the market knowledge, industry insight, and extensive technical experience in the field to support investors across every stage of a project.

With extensive experience in installing diverse hydroponic systems across the country, we excel in adapting to various project specifications, construction details, cultivation techniques, and geographical challenges. We focus on delivering exceptional results in quality and quantity of production and provide the technical knowledge, support, and equipment to do so.

Why choose hydroponics?

Growing Substrate Technology

The foundation of hydroponic horticulture

We are always updated on hydroponics by using the latest in substrate technology and providing tailored recommendations and supplies to our investors and clients.
Today, the two main substrate types used in large-scale hydroponic greenhouses are either liquid or solid, a solution or a medium respectively.

The Solution Culture method relies on a nutrient solution without solid root support and has three types: static, continuous flow, and aeroponics.

The Medium Culture method utilizes solid substrates for roots, namely materials like rockwool, perlite, and coco soil.

Each of these methods has its benefits and drawbacks. That’s why we personalize our recommended solutions to each project based on timelines, budget and crop requirements. It’s how we optimize and streamline yields and profits for our clients.

Gutter Types & Placement

An important aspect of greenhouses

Gutters in hydroponic greenhouses are multifunctional and critical to the success of a crop. They serve both as a base for the growing substrate and as the drainage route. They also play a significant role in air circulation.

Hydroponic gutters have two placement styles, each with pros and cons.

Placing gutters on supports or hanging them from the greenhouse roof improves air circulation, reduces disease sensitivity, and can facilitate staff productivity.

Ground placement can significantly reduce costs but can also hinder productivity and plant growth.

Ground Cover

An important part of hydroponic greenhouses

Greentech supplies and installs ground-covering films that are specially designed for greenhouses, in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, to meet project requirements.
Special plastic films completely cover the ground of the greenhouse production area to prevent external influences, diseases, and insects. Designed for greenhouse use, the ground cover provides blackout, sunlight reflection, and UV resistance.

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